Nonprofit Email & Direct Mail Marketing

Giveffect for your Nonprofit Email Marketing, Newsletters, Direct Mail, and Postcards

Built into Giveffect's all-in-one system is a powerful tool to manage your nonprofit communications. There are solutions out there for email marketing for nonprofits, and solutions for nonprofit direct mail marketing, but Giveffect combines these needs into one system.

And best of all, your marketing tools are fully integrated with your CRM database, making your nonprofit direct marketing easier than ever.

Nonprofit Email Campaigns

Giveffect is built to help you maximize your non-profit email marketing. Build email campaigns with our fully integrated email marketing system. You can easily turn each segment within your CRM into a custom email list, allowing you to target your readers most precisely.

Our marketing tools provide analytics to help you gain valuable insights into your supporters, campaigns, and web traffic. You can easily see metrics on your open rate, link clicks, and more.

  • Drag-and-Drop Email Template builder with WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Mobile friendly and cross-browser compatible generated emails
  • Seamless mailing list segmentation of your database
  • Open rate, bounce rate, click rate, unsubscribe and URL tracking analytics
  • Email activity and full history of all interactions logged for each database Contact
Drag and Drop Website Builder

Batch Print and Mail Merge

Giveffect is also built to simplify direct mail services for nonprofits. With our system, you can easily print letters, annual statements, invoices, tax receipts, and much more!

Giveffect's nonprofit direct marketing system lets you create personalized communication at scale. With Giveffect's fully integrated system for direct mail, nonprofits can easily embed computational mail merge replacement variables such as donor giving totals, volunteer hours, and other detailed stats only possible through advanced database queries.

  • Thank you letter templates
  • General correspondence templates
  • Customized letterhead and signature blocks
  • Single letter for Head-of-Households
  • Annual statements with tax receipts
  • Personalized mail merge replacement variables

Postage and Mail Delivery

Forget about printing letters and stuffing envelopes. Yes, we deliver physical Letters and Postcards via your local Post Office service.

  • Create letter templates with our WYSIWYG editor
  • Design full-color postcards with images, text and emojis using our Drag-and-Drop builder
  • Advanced mail merge replacement variables for personalization and batch delivery
  • One-click mail delivery service with tracking number and delivery confirmation
  • Color printing, double sided, and include self-addressed return envelope delivery options
  • Individual postage and print service fees apply
Giveffect Postcard mailing

If you are in need of direct mail and email marketing for nonprofit organizations, Giveffect has the solutions for you. Giveffect gives your nonprofit the technology you need to succeed in today's fast-paced environment.