Auctions and Silent Bidding

Increase fundraising revenue and donor engagement with live auctions.

What you can do with Giveffect's Auction Software.

Auctions can help maximize your fundraising efforts in a fun and exciting way. Let us handle the complete automation from start to finish.

  • Auction Management Tools

    Everything you need to launch, manage, track, and fulfill live auctions.

  • Unlimited Auctions with any Campaign

    Simply add Auctions to any of your fundraising or volunteering campaigns. The options are versatile and unlimited.

  • Branded Auction Pages

    Everything you'd expect from an Auction website. Track each item with it's own bidding page with all the features such as countdown timer, reserve price, Buy-it-Now, bid extensions, overhead costs, and more!

  • Identify your Key Supporters

    With our proprietary data mapping and data intelligence automation, your database will be enriched with each bid. Let us segment and identify your power donors.

  • Mobile & SMS Bidding

    Place a bid anywhere, anytime, on any device. Send SMS Text messages to the auction directly to register a bid.

  • Streamlined Payment and Fulfillment

    Winners are automatically notified with instructions on how to complete online or offline payment, using your customized message templates.

  • Live Event Broadcast

    Project the Auction status at your Gala Events in real-time. Our scoreboard display will keep everyone in the loop.

  • 3rd Party Auctions

    Allow your supporters to donate or list their Auction items directly from your Campaign page. We make it easy to solicit and rally your supporters.

Auctions are built right into your Campaigns. Because everything should be managed in one place.

The Auctions module will transform any Campaign into an Auction. Whether your campaign is built for selling Tickets, Crowdfunding, team fundraising, collecting Registration Fees, or even Volunteer recruitment, attach an Auction to raise more funds.

  • Branded Auction Page
  • Reserve Price
  • Bid Extension
  • Buy-it-Now
  • Silent Auction option
  • Contact all Bidders
  • ... and more!
Silent Auction Campaigns.

Auctions with Smart Automation. Automated and Connected.

As with every component of the Giveffect system, bidders are automatically tracked in your database with customizable rich data tagging. Easily identify and track donors with a high propensity to give.

  • Automated Data Entry
  • Automated Bidding Notification System
  • Automated Bid Extensions
  • Automated Live Event Broadcast
  • Automated Winner Confirmation
  • Automated Winner Payment Fulfillment
  • Automated Tax Recepts
  • Automated Thank You Letter
  • ... and more!
Silent Auction Gala Scoreboard

Mobile Bidding.

Place a bid from anywhere with your mobile device. Receive notifications when you are outbid. With the optional SMS Text-to-Bid, simply send a Text message to place a bid.

  • Register mobile device phone numbers for quick bidding
  • Pre-authorize bidder's credit cards
  • Place bids from a mobile device through Text message or with URL and bidder number
  • Automated auction notifications
  • ... and more!
Mobile Bidding

Auction Fulfillment made easy.

Our tools help you every step of the way to manage your Auctions from launch to completion, and beyond.

  • Easy Auction Editor
  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Bidder Insights
  • One-click Auction Payment
  • Customizable message templates
  • ... and more!
Silent Auction Payment

Build long lasting relationships with all your supporters.

Once your Auction is over, you can easily reach out to your bidders long after.

  • Email Marketing System
  • Direct Mail System
  • Mail Merge
  • Newsletters
  • ... and more!
Email Marketing System